Arcade Messiah to release new album

Arcade Messiah - II

Arcade Messiah, the project of Kingbathmat man John Bassett, will release a new album next month.

Arcade Messiah’s debut arrived last November and Bassett has now released an album teaser for Arcade Messiah II.

Says Bassett: “After the surprise success of last year’s original Arcade Messiah album, and after receiving feedback from fans of that album, I decided to make a sequel.

“It’s a continuation of that album, that is hopefully bigger, better, more refined and more dramatic, but which didn’t lose the vibe and atmosphere that was created on the original album.”

A specific release date and album track list are expected in due course. You can listen to the teaser for Arcade Messiah II below.

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Tairrie B drops ‘Vintage Curses’ video album teaser, track list and cover art

Tairrie B July 2015
Photo: Samantha Davis, Rose & Rainbow Photography

Trailblazing hip hop artist and My Ruin vocalist Tairrie B has shared a video teaser for her hotly anticipated solo rap album, Vintage Curses.

The brand new teaser offers fans a bitches brew of eloquent wordplay and heavy magick in the form of music clips from the entirety of the new LP. The release comes hot on the heels of Tairrie’s first single and stunning self-directed video from the collection, “Beware The Crone.”

When asked about the new recordings in a recent interview with the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper, Tairrie explained:

“I had a very clear vision of what I wanted Vintage Curses to sound like. I did not want to make a modern hip hop album. I wanted it to have heavy beats with an old school vibe and sensibility to it, which is something you really don’t hear much of in music today. I came from the golden era of hip hop and I am a fan of the classics, especially West Coast gangster rap. I was raised on seventies classic rock and soul so I also wanted to incorporate a bit of that into my music in terms of samples. I took my time creating the album and was very thoughtful about every nuance.

“I wanted to make something timeless that I could look back on in 10 years and feel proud about without any regrets,” she adds. “My husband Mick is a very versatile and talented musician… I asked him to co-produce the album with me as we have always worked very well together and he understood exactly what I wanted to do in terms of production. He also played live drums on the album and some bass and guitar.”

She says of the album’s other production team members: “I reached out to two very good friends who we had worked with on previous My Ruin albums to help me conjure the music for 3 songs. Joel Stooksbury, who co-produced The Sacred Mood and A Southern Revelation, created ‘Spirit Queen’ with me, and Josh Lynch, who co-produced Ghosts and Good Stories, co-produced ‘Carpe Noctem’ and my new single ‘Beware The Crone’. Production-wise, I refer to all of us together as The Covenant.”

The full track list for Vintage Curses is:

Vintage Curses cover01. “Beware The Crone”
02. “Wicked Witch of the West Coast”
04. “Ad Nauseam”
05. “Spirit Queen”
06. “Down As Dirt”
07. “Sky Above City Below”
08. “Old School Gospel”
09. “Carpe Noctem”
10. “Devil May Care”

Check out the Vintage Curses video album teaser below and download new single “Beware The Crone” for free from now! Vintage Curses is scheduled for release on the 14th of August.

Connect with Tairrie B at:

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Tremonti reveal details of new album “Cauterize”


Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti has revealed details of the new album by his solo band, Tremonti.

Cauterize will be released in May and is the follow up to the band’s debut, 2012’s All I Was.

The new album will feature Wolfgang Van Halen on bass. The musician toured with Tremonti in 2013 but wasn’t involved in recording their first album. Mark Tremonti said last year: “Everyone’s going to notice a big difference on the rhythm section side of things. He’s the best of the best out there on bass. It’s going to make a big difference.”

The full track list for Cauterize is as follows:

01. “Radical Change”
02. “Flying Monkeys”
03. “Cauterize”
04. “Arm Yourself”
05. “Dark Trip”
06. “Another Heart”
07. “Fall Again”
08. “Tie The Noose”
09. “Sympathy”
10. “Providence”

You can check out the album teaser below:

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Sweet & Lynch detail debut album “Only To Rise”

Sweet & Lynch Logo

Michael Sweet and George Lynch – ex-members of Stryper and Dokken – have revealed details of their debut album as Sweet & Lynch.

Titled Only To Rise, the album will be released on the 27th of January via Frontiers Music and will feature Brian Tichy on drums and James Lomenzo on bass. Tichy and Lomenzo have worked together before as part of Zakk Wylde’s 1994 Pride & Glory project.

Says Sweet: “When you make an album you hope there are those two or three tracks people gravitate to and everyone is in agreement over – and that’s what happened with this album.

“When I sent George all the songs he said to me, ‘That song Dying Rose is a smash that could cross all boundaries.’ Everybody seemed to really like it.”

Adds Lynch: “I was just messing around with my Telecaster and I came up with this rock countryesque riff and Michael just put the most beautiful melody to it with a huge hook. It’s very Nashville in a way but it’s an emotional song too. It’s one of those songs you can’t just listen to once, you have to keep listening to it over and over. It’s so catchy.”

The full tracklist for Only To Rise is as follows:

sweetlynchonlytorisecd01. “The Wish”
02. “Dying Rose”
03. “Love Stays”
04. “Time Will Tell”
05. “Rescue Me”
06. “Me Without You”
07. “Recover”
08. “Divine”
09. “September”
10. “Strength In Numbers”
11. “Hero-Zero”
12. “Only To Rise”

The duo have also released a two track album teaser that you can watch below:

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