Hey! Hello! cancel UK tour as singer Hollis leaves the band, new video for ‘Let’s Get Emotional’ unveiled

HeyHello Promo 2015

Hey! Hello! have had to cancel their UK tour following the departure of singer Hollis from the band.

The news comes as the group release a new video for their track “Let’s Get Emotional.”

Say Hey! Hello! in a statement revealing the news: ““We are bitterly sorry to see our singer leave the band at this point, but we respect her decision and wish her nothing but good luck in the future.

“Right now, our main concern is finding a new front person – male or female – to lead our band to world domination.

“If you have the star quality that Hey! Hello! needs then get in touch at heyhellotoo@gmail.com

The world is waiting for you.”

Hollis has also released a statement explaining her decision: “As everyone knows I recently became the new singer of Hey! Hello! I was privileged enough to do shows with Hey! Hello! and work alongside Ginger and the rest of the band and record the Hey! Hello! Too! album which has recently been digitally released.

“I recently made the decision to relocate back to Los Angeles. While living in England I was ready and able to do everything in my power to become a permanent member of Hey! Hello! Now, due to geographical restrictions along with commitments to Love Zombies it is no longer a long term possibility and it isn’t feasible for me to remain in both bands.

“I want to thank Ginger and the band for the opportunity they have given me to be part of such a wonderful band and experience. I have enjoyed every moment and wish everyone the very best. I am again truly sorry for the inconvenience and disappointment this may have caused.”

X-Ray Touring , Hey! Hello!’s Live Agent have also stated: “It is disappointing that things did not work out with Hollis. Unfortunately, it was becoming more and more difficult in a geographical sense for her to continue to be in the band. We wish Hollis the best of luck in her endeavours, and her future with Love Zombies and also wish Hey! Hello! much luck in securing a replacement as soon as possible. Unfortunately this means however, that the upcoming tour in April/May has had to be cancelled.”

Fans should contact their point of purchase for ticket refunds. All Hey! Hello!’s headline tour dates have been cancelled, but “The Ginger Wildheart Show”, taking place on the 1st of April at London’s O2 Forum, will go ahead as planned without Hey! Hello! on the bill.

Meanwhile the band have released a video for their new track “Let’s Get Emotional.” You can check out the adrenaline thrill ride below.

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